Facebook: Promoted Posts

Promoting Posts on Facebook

What are they?

Facebook Promoted posts are posts that appear higher in a user’s news feed than regular posts, increasing the chance that a Facebook page’s fans will see it. Promoted Posts can be promoted from from both a fan page and a personal account and is a charged service. For a Facebook page to be able to use this function it needs to have at least 400 likes. Any post can be promoted, such as status updates, photos, videos, questions and offers.

Post that are promoted on a Facebook page will be shown in a higher proportion of fans news feeds than would normally be reached by a page. There is also an option to extend the reach to the friends of people who are fans of the page. Once your Promoted post is live, it will run until it is no longer eligible to be shown in News Feed.

How to promote a post

To promote a post on your page, navigate to any post on your page and click the “Promote” link on the post. On a computer this link is at the bottom of the post. On a smartphone or ipad it is located in the bottom right corner of the post.

Before a post can be promoted it will be reviewed by Facebook’s Ads Team. While it is not possible to change the dates of a promotion, they can be deleted or paused and then resumed at any time by a page admin. The post will not be billed for while it is paused or after it is deleted.

Once the post is promoted it is possible to view its performance in the Facebook “Ads Manager”.

The post’s performance can be viewed by its “Organic” reach, i.e. the number of users who viewed the post in their news feed or directly on the page or by its “Viral” reach, i.e. the number of users who viewed it in a story generated by a Facebook friend.

Previous posts can also be promoted if they were written after June 21, 2012.

How are they charged?

The use of Promoted Posts are charged by Facebook. This requires a Facebook “budget”. The cost will depend on what country you are posting from as well as your “reach” (the number of people who have seen your post).

Budgets for promoted posts run for the entire duration of the Page post.

A full “How to” guide on Promoted Posts can be found here


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