Facebook Offers

Facebook is now testing a new

version of Facebook Offers


What are Facebook Offers?

Facebook is now testing a new version of Facebook Offers. Facebook Offers are discounts and promotions that page owners can create from their Facebook pages. Their customers can then avail of these Offers (discounts) either online or in store.

While Previous versions of Offers have been available for free, the current version is a paid service and is available to those pages with at least 100 likes.

How to 3

Offers requires a budget to run. Currently, three kinds of offers are available, “In Store”, “In Store and Online” and “Online Only”. For the “In Store” offers, customers can either print off the offer and show it to staff at the store or else show them an email conformation from their phone. “In Store and Online” Offers can be redeemed either on location or over the internet. “Online Only” offers can only be redeemed from a website.

The amount a business owner will pay for the service depends on the number of people they wish to see the offer in their newsfeed (the offer’s “reach”). An offer can be manually configured from the ad Manager on Facebook. An offer can also be deleted at any time, preventing any new people from claiming it.

How to e 2

A Facebook Offer can be limited so that it is available either to everyone or only to certain people, such as people in a certain country/location or the speakers of a particular language. It can be limited by several other criteria as well.

The page owner can add terms and conditions to the offer, such as one per customer or a time limit. For users of the iphone or ipod, the “Pages Manager App” can be used to create an offer. A scanable barcode can be added when an in-store offer is created. It will appear in an email that the claimant of the offer receives with details for how to redeem the promotion. This barcode, however, is not unique and does not prevent individuals from claiming the offer more than once.

Facebook offers 4

Image courtesy of insidefacebook.com

Changes in the new version

Users will now see an Offers bookmark in the left-hand menu. The new version gives users the option to decide if they want to share the offer with friends. The older version did not have this option and the offer was shared automatically. Users also have the option to shop now or be reminded before the offer ends. Choosing to shop now will bring the user to the retailer’s website, whereas choosing to get a reminder will mean the user will receive an email at a later date chosen by the retailer.

A full how to guide on Facebook Offers is available at the Facebook help centre here including tips on how to design a successful Facebook Offer.



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