Creating a Social Media Plan

Creating a Social Media Plan – 12 Essential Tips

Social Media Plan

One of the biggest difficulties when conducting a social media plan, is the pressure to come up with fresh, interesting content every day. Whether it be images, articles, contests or videos – how can you even begin to create daily brand content  and retain the audience you have worked so hard to build up?

The secret is…you don’t! And this is the overall rule for any social media strategy, whatever the industry, when being put into practice. Always abide by the 80/20 rule – 80% curated content, 20% original content. As Eric Savitz explains

As content marketing becomes increasingly central to the overall strategy, marketers look to content curation as a way to help cut through the clutter and provide their prospects with the valuable information for which they are looking.

Essentially, you can’t have your content always on-brand. You’ll become the most boring company on the internet if you do, always talking about themselves. But you CAN mix it up and keep the message on-industry. As a rule of thumb, you should always think of your fanbase, followers or readers. What information or news would interest them? What could they find useful? And so, to practice what I preach, here is a list of 12 other interesting articles from around the web that’s also good tips to know when devising a social media strategy.

Get to grips with Content Marketing

(Digital Observation)

Learn from the mistakes of others

(Deadly Digital)

What Social Media Network is best suited to your company?

(Let’s Get Digital)

The Headline is Key

(We Get Social)

Think about your Visual Identity when Brand Building

(Digital Marketing Room)

Content Marketing: What’s your angle and the tools to use!

(Digital Marketing Monkey)

Realise that Social Media Marketing is not a fad

(Digital Marketing Detective)

Remember the Golden Rule – Social Media opens the channels to communication

(Love Hate Social Media)

Get to know Twitter. It’s going to be THE tool to use for 2013

(Digital Marketing for Small Business)

This is the year you MUST start thinking of a mobile strategy

(Digital Observation)

Use the free analytical tools to chart what’s resonating with your audience

(The Digital Jigsaw)

The ultimate goal is building effective Customer Relationship Management

(Learning e Business Inititive)

And always, ALWAYS, be ready to show love and build relationships with other bloggers and affiliates. Because ultimately, that’s what ‘getting social’ is all about 😉

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